At the pinnacle of her wrestling career, Rosa has a flashback!

The last 54 rounds weren't easy for Rosa. It took all of her physical strength and skill to win the coveted United Federation of Wrestlers
Grand Championship title.

The match was BRUTAL!

Several times, Rosa had felt that she was on the brink of unconciousness, but the encouraging shouts of her manager, Cat-Man-Du, had helped her to reach beyond the limits of her strength and endurance to win the match.

As she held her opponent above her head, she could hear the roar of the fans ringing in her ears. When Crusher hit the mat, Rosa knew that she had won. She didn't need to see his unconcious body below her to tell her this, she could feel it.

But she felt uneasy for some reason... perhaps it was
the referee's uneasy looks in her direction.

Perhaps it was a premonition...

Suddenly, the solemn voice of the United Federation of Wrestlers President came over the loudspeaker, and as the roars of the crowd turned to silent anticipation, he announced that Rosa had been disqualified! When Rosa heard this, she fainted!


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