September 17, 2005

hugh arrest

A grave miscarriage of justice has been done today in California. Rev. Hugh Pokrit, our spiritual leader and father, has been formally arrested for selling his highly successful Rev. Hugh Brand Miracle Salve to the sick and afflicted after being extradited from India.

We believe that the charges of negligent manslaughter, fraud, misrepresentation and lying to the Food and Drug Administration are meritless, and we have been advised by lawyers not to comment on this laughable case against our holy leader and spiritual guide.

It is well documented that the liberal media has nothing but disdain for Rev. Hugh. Their silence on this gross perversion of justice is deafening. We have been unable to get even one reporter interested in writing the story of Rev. Hugh Pokrit, political prisoner, even after we have shown them EVIDENCE of the government's campaign of harrassment and intimidation against Hugh Pokrit Ministries and its subsidiary, Rev. Hugh Brand Products.

Earlier this week, Rev. Hugh was extradited from Bangalore, India, where he was known as "Dr. Bhopal" for his tireless efforts to cure the area's sick with his miracle salve. Rev. Hugh Ministries' own investigation proved beyond a doubt that any chemical burns experienced by patients coming into skin contact with Rev. Hugh Brand Miracle Salve were coincidental, or possibly a delayed reaction to an earlier chemical exposure. Criminal proceedings against Rev. Hugh in India were never started due to his innocence, as well as his refusal to recognize any legal system but that of the United States of America.

The charges in California stem from the filming of his Rev. Hugh Brand Miracle Salve infomercial, and the possible death of one Rocco Jones, 43, of Newport Beach, CA.