Curriculum Vitae - David Balluff

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Brooklyn, NY, 2009 - present
Designer/owner of a silkscreen t-shirt company with distribution in multiple outlets

Brooklyn, NY, 2010 - present
Co-owner of a high end millinery company with designer Lopeti Etu.

ZEUM - Educator
San Francisco, CA, September 2007 - March 2009
Special Projects: Zeum Podcasts, Zeum University (advanced animation workshops with audio), Radio Zeum (streaming radio over LAN)

Pittsburgh, PA, September 2005 - September 2007
In addition to giving museum tours and co-teaching the Warhol's Youth Publications program, I also designed the Warhol's new educational curriculum website (see Warhol: Resources & Lessons in the Web section below) and have created podcasts for visitors to the Warhol museum. In 2006, I travelled to Russia for three weeks to teach Master Classes in technology (Photoshop/InDesign) to Russian teachers and students as part of the educational curriculum project.

MAIL DIRECT OF IOWA, INC - graphic designer/tech support person
Davenport, IA, December 2001 to April 2003
Print designer for distributed mail company reaching 1.7 million households with advertising for a large variety of companies. Responsible for the design of 30-50 full-color ads per month on a tight deadline as well as some post-production work. Also in charge of maintenance and troubleshooting of computers at two sites for the company.

BURNING HAND GRAPHICS (dba David Baal) - founder, primary designer
San Francisco, CA, October 1995 to September 2001
Freelance graphic/web designer for a variety of clients (see listings below) using Quark, Illustrator, Photoshop, GoLive, BBEdit, Flash, QuickTime and Acrobat. Regularly output all film for 1C/2C/4C print jobs, managing work from preliminary design stages to press checks. Web design work includes UI design, site management, and content creation.

Tech Skills Summary:

I have more than ten years of computer design and production experience. I use Quark XPress, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, Director, Acrobat, Go Live, BBEdit, GarageBand, Audacity, Final Cut Pro and various other programs as needed. I have been building web pages since the mid-nineties, coding my own HTML and (now) CSS and XML. I am also very capable of troubleshooting and repairing software problems and knowledgeable about hardware installation, set-up, and networking on both Mac/PC platforms.

Print Design:

Kathy High - Embracing Animal poster design for the Subtle Technologies conference - Spring 2007
Large (20 x 34") poster for bio-artist Kathy High's work with transgenic rats.

iEAR Presents! Performance Series, 2004 - 2009
Designed logos, posters, ads, interstitials and flyers for RPI's year-long Department of Electronic Arts performance series.

San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery - 1998 to 2000
All design work includes concept creation, design, image/slide scanning, film generation and pre-press work
Day Without Art poster - b/w, 11x17, 1999
25+ Gallery announcement cards - 2C 8x5
Harvey Milk photo exhibit - 4C exhibition catalog, cards, large format gallery posters, signage
Bob Walker photo exhibit - 4C large format posters, 2C announcement card, flyer design
3-fold Brochure design - 4C Moya del Pino, 2C Market Street Art in Transit brochures, announcement cards
Plaques - output for bronze: text for Admunsen bust in G.G. Park, Lotta’s Fountain in downtown SF

Film Arts Festival - 1998, 1999 and 2000 Festivals
Concept creation and design of 4C Poster/4C brochure (11x17, 8 pages)/t-shirt/print ad design for the Film Arts Festival of Independent Cinema. Duties include festival logo creation, concept design in collaboration with Festival Directors, ad placement and delivery, scanning of 4C images for catalog, copy editing and creation of materials for publication on website.

Turbulent Arts - 1995 - 2000
Created and designed material for five film campaigns (4C film posters, one sheets, 4C lobby cards, pamphlets, and b/w, color print ads) for SF-based independent film producer and distributor. Heavily involved in the planning and marketing of all film releases nationwide. Ad placements in major US markets: SF, LA, NYC, Boston, Dallas, Chicago as well as Canadian and other international outlets. Supervised all press work (film creation, press checks, color matching, etc.).
See Web Design for additional job duties.

Political Ecology Group/Valerie Soe - 1998
Created and designed three 2C interior bus ads for an environmentally-oriented poetry contest, as well as multi-lingual announcement flyers (Spanish/Chinese/English).

Poor Magazine - 1997-98
Edited and designed two issues of a glossy print magazine (b/w with 4C plates, 40p., 80p. respectively) for a non-profit organization. Included all scanning, color correction, layout, copy editing and some imposition on a tight schedule.

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Web Design: - 2011 - 2010 - 2009

The Warhol's Youth Publications/Youth Invasion websites - January 2007 - Youth Invasion website - Youth Publications
I designed these two companion sites to showcase the work created by teens in the Warhol's youth programs, and with the idea that our student assistants would then be able to do most of the updates themselves. Created using HTML and CSS.

The Warhol: Resources & Lessons - January 2006 - present
As the interface designer and primary site builder, my challenge with this project was figuring out how to make a vast amount of educational curricula navigable and user-friendly for visitors. The content is based on years' worth of lessons and activities developed by the Warhol's Education Department staff, and is available in Russian and English localized versions. Each version has over 130 html pages, 75+ PDF files, and 75 Flash-based image galleries. The site officially launched in October of 2006.

KQED (San Francisco PBS affiliate) - July 2001
Flash-based website designed in collaboration with KQED staff member for program on Bay Area parks.

French American International School - August 2000 to June 2001
Lively 900+ page bilingual site for Pre-K-12 private school in San Francisco. Duties include complete re-design of extensive website, content development, file management and preparation, oversight of various HTML authors, and technical/administrative duties. Site media is comprised of QuickTime video (from digital sources), Flash, CGI scripts, PDF, animated GIFs, and HTML (hand-coded and WYSIWYG). Content in French/English/Spanish/Mandarin Chinese. - Fall 1999 to present
Created and designed music-oriented site for book on the history of 20th Century popular music. Digitized 40+ music clips in QuickTime format in addition to site design and maintenance. - no longer active
Large web site for SF-based independent film producer/distributor. Web presence for all major films in production and distribution with advertising one sheets, film stills, reviews and related materials. Development and design of Flash-based interface for seven day promotional campaign.

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Related Work Experience:

Co-teacher, The Warhol's Youth Publications Program, September 2005 - present
Along with another Artist/Educator, I teach high school age students publsihing skills. Each year, we assist students in creating zines, podcasts, and a 36 page color magazine, Urban Interview.

Adjunct Professor, Advanced Digital Imaging class, RPI, Fall semester, 2004

Journalism teacher - French American International School, 2000-01 school year
Developed and taught a first year journalism class to 9th & 10th grade students. Coordinated and designed end of year 10 page b/w student newspaper and literary magazine with student input.

Projectionist - Roxie Cinema, San Francisco, 1996-99
Fill-in projectionist for small theatre. 35mm carbon arc, 16mm, video.

Staff writer/layout person - New Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan, 1993-94
Wrote articles and assisted with page layout on a 24 page bi-lingual (English/Chinese) weekly newspaper.

English teacher - various schools in Taipei, Taiwan, 1992-94
Curriculum development, english language/writing instruction for students, ages 4-65

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Hokum - Graduate Thesis Show (with Julia Reodica), April 8-14 2005,
MFA in Electronic Arts, RPI
Contemporary Art Center Gallery, North Adams, MA - show documentation
- online extension of the show

Cavalcade of Value$ - Interactive Director project using sound, video and programming, 2004

Aggression Therapy Booth - Interactive Director project where users' yells, shouts or screams control the computer display.

Power Is Money - Macromedia Director project
I compiled data on financial contributions from Energy Sector companies to both political parties, then created an interface which would dynamically display the information in a graphical form.

In the Ring with Rosa - Online photo novella about wrestling and poodles, 1995
Created in collaboration with performance artist Nao Bustamante, this early web project documents the trials and tribulations of lucha libre fighter Rosa, and her tag-team partner. I also designed a spread for A La Brava magazine as an introduction to Rosa's/Nao's advice column persona, Miss Know-It-All (PDF).

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Troy, NY
MFA in Electronic Arts awarded May, 2005. Focus on digital printing, information design, interactive objects and ephemera.

San Francisco, CA
BA in 20th Century Art and Literature awarded May 1991

Madison, WI
BFA Program, September 1986 - May 1988

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Language Proficiency:

English, and some Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese

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