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About David Balluff

I am especially interested in the intersection of new media, art, communication, and the way that we as a society express cultural truths and fictions.

As an artist, my love/hate relationship with mass media has inspired me to graft my own narratives onto familiar plotlines and archetypes as a form of "cultural counter-point" to assumed notions of identity, gender, context and memory. By blurring the lines between certainty and doubt, I create opportunities for the imagination to play.

Currently, I am located in Davenport, IA, where I have a painting and silkscreen studio.

I have also been an educator, curator, designer, writer and a projectionist. From 1995 - 2001, I ran my own graphic and web design company in San Francisco, working for a variety of non-profit, film and arts-related organizations. I started in 1995 as my digital playground.