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New T-Shirt Day #2.5

Rainbow roll print using orange and red
Rainbow roll print using orange and red
Glow in the dark UFOs attack monster
Glow in the dark UFOs v. Monster

The factory has just produced  a new batch of shirts. A run of twelve white tees with the Robot Fight image in a red-orange-red rainbow roll. And a few army green shirts with the new glow-in-the-dark UFO v. Monster image.

In order to sell shirts in certain places, I need to create a “political” shirt that satisfies a freedom of expression clause in NYC’s laws covering t-shirt mongers such as myself. So I think I’ll be re-working this image of an elephant giving the finger. I think that should count, yes?

UFOs v. Monster!

UFO v Monster! t-shirt design by General Assembly

This will be on one of General Assembly’s next shirts. I’m thinking about making a two-color version if there’s enough interest…and I’ve got a tasty UFO invasion illustration that I’ll put up soon, which will be new shirt design #2.

General Assembly update

GA logo

I’ve been busy this week getting ready for the launch of the General Assembly t-shirt line, and just added a new page for online ordering. I’ll be using an application on the iPhone to process credit card transactions. Ain’t technology great?

I’ve also updated the designs gallery, adding thumbnails and an image for an upcoming shirt design – the United Federation of Wrestlers logo.

The UFW logo was originally created years ago for the online photo-novella, In the Ring with Rosa, which I did in collaboration with the super amazing Nao Bustamante.