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Chimperial Hearings Tomorrow

The House Judiciary Committee meets Fri, July 25th to discuss the imperial presidency of GWB and possible legal responses. Starts around 10ish. The HJC’s website has video webcasts of all its meetings online, and I’m thinking it will be well worth the watch. Dennis Kucinich is one of the speakers, and will most likely discuss the grounds for dethroning King Bush.

According to RawStory, tenacious Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) has previously laid out six areas to be covered in this meeting:

(1) improper politicization of the Justice Department and the U.S. Attorneys offices, including potential misuse of authority with regard to election and voting controversies; 

(2) misuse of executive branch authority and the adoption and implementation of the so-called unitary executive theory, including in the areas of presidential signing statements and regulatory authority; 

(3) misuse of investigatory and detention authority with regard to U.S. citizens and foreign nationals, including questions regarding the legality of the administration’s surveillance, detention, interrogation, and rendition programs; 

(4) manipulation of intelligence and misuse of war powers, including possible misrepresentations to Congress related thereto; 

(5) improper retaliation against administration critics, including disclosing information concerning CIA operative Valerie Plame, and obstruction of justice related thereto; and 

(6) misuse of authority in denying Congress and the American people the ability to oversee and scrutinize conduct within the administration, including through the use of various asserted privileges and immunities.

The only question is, will our “liberal” media cover it substantively, or just focus on gaffes and neckties?