FOX Defends the GOP

Two recent examples:

  • Fox pundit Bill O’Reilly defends GOP candidate against charges of cannibalism, saying it’s an innovative free market approach to ending world hunger.
  • Fox & Friends automatons defend GOP operative who attempts to bug the offices of a sitting US Senator, saying the story needs “a lot of context”.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m suffering from credibility fatigue when it comes to Rupert Murdoch’s news empire. It’s getting harder and harder to tell truth from fiction with Fox News’ knee-jerk defense of Republicans.

The idea that it’s OK if you’re a Republican (IOIYAR), which is apparently the Fox News mantra, has led conservative talking heads to repeatedly defend the indefensible. In some cases, it’s just more convenient to identify the offender as a Democrat in your “news” program.

The GOP has been playing fast and loose with more than just their principles, and I wonder if there is anything that a Republican could do that would earn them the lasting ire of the GOP’s propaganda arm, cannibalism included.

With this current case of a group of GOP operatives arrested for trying to wiretap Senator Mary Landrieu’s office (a federal offense), I’ll be waiting to see how Fox spins it.

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