Future Tablet Interface?

This is for all the Mac geeks and all the print journalists worried about the future. If you’re in the print industry, best to quickly familiarize yourself with all existing media types, their limitations, etc.

Future publications will be a mixture of text/audio/video/live feeds. If you’re still thinking of radio, CDs, TV, DVDs, Cable, and print as being distinct and separate media, stop it now.

Future media forms will be a conglomeration of all previous media forms plus the special sauce, interconnectivity.

Any hypothetical gadget that running this would have to pull the information off of a wireless network, so typical downloads are likely to be measured in megabytes at first. Streaming video/audio available for longer clips and/or live events, possibly at a premium.

This would be great as a virtual “ticket” to a concert, where the viewer gets a rich and immersive experience without having to actually be there. How many Mac fans would pay $1 to buy a media rich “issue/episode/ticket” for the next Steve Jobs’ keynote? How many fans would spend the night in line for a performance, and still pay one dollar for a “ticket/issue/episode” to watch/read as they’re waiting??

I’ve got a lot more to say about this and how I think it should be packaged. Stay tuned.

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