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A.R.T.I.S.T. speaks out against proposed arts ban in NYC parks

There will be an artists protest rally this coming Friday at 10 AM, at the Chelsea Recreation Center, 430 West 25th Street, in Manhattan. Following that will be a public hearing and then a decision by the Parks Commissioner on the proposed rules.

I created this image for use in protests (or you could just hang it on your wall, or keep it until 2012…). Available as an 8.5×11 PDF or 16X20“.

John Waters trivia

Ages ago, when I used to work at the Roxie Cinema in San Francisco, we used to play this trailer before the main feature for our own amusement. According to a staff member, the John Waters No Smoking trailer was actually filmed at the Roxie years earlier.

The Roxie was one of the first theatres in the country to screen Waters’ first films (My faves are Desperate Living and Pink Flamingos) – and even after he became a nationally known director and notorious purveyor of smut, he never forgot the the tiny Roxie Cinema. Every year at Xmas I used to see a handwritten card from Waters himself hanging in the narrow staircase leading up to the projection booth. What a classy guy.

The last time I saw him was at the Warhol Museum. He had a show of his artwork there and a friend and I skipped our graduation ceremony so that we could go to the opening. I gave him one of Rev. Hugh Pokrit’s 3D prayer rugs from my MFA thesis show. I’d like to think that it’s now hanging in his house somewhere…hopefully surrounded by merkins and PLA memorabilia.

Web re-launch for La Nao!

I’ve started off the year by re-designing artist/performer Nao Bustamante’s website and setting up various social media for her. Nao will be bringing her newest work, a “filmformance” entitled Silver & Gold, to Sundance later this month. Here’s the teaser:

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Behold: New Stock

For those interested in my t-shirt mongering, here’s an update: I just got in an order of onesies (size 0-3), some short and long sleeved crew necks and organic cotton scoop necks. I’ll also be printing the last of my “supergirl” shirts with the pigtail image. I’ve got twelve shirts left, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

I’m also working on more art about buildings and food.

Design Gallery

thumbnail images from balluff design gallery
thumbnail images from balluff design gallery

I finally collected and uploaded a new design gallery of my print and web-based works from the mid-nineties to the present. It consists of 138 images of business cards, club cards, print ads, film posters, catalogs, websites and postcards from my years as a graphic designer in the SF Bay Area to now. Enjoy…